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2017_0222 LGA Research & Data Analyst

About LGA:

LGA Research (Australia) is a sister company of Guardian Property Specialists (Real estate company) and AdroitBI Pvt Ltd (Data Analytics company).

LGA: ; GPS: ; AdroitBI:


LGA Research (Australia) is a research-focused company that specialises in researching and reporting on Local Government Areas Australia wide.

LGA Research team is looking for a methodical, passionate and enthusiastic research and data analysts who can help build a portfolio of Australian real estate research reports. The successful researcher will be able to analyse autonomously qualitative and quantitative data, trends, pasta nd current information about Australian properties.


  • Collecting qualitative and quantitative information on a variety of parameters related to Australian real-estate industry.
  • Conducting extensive online research for desired results.
  • Collating and curating the collected information in a comprehensible and engaging report consisting of write-ups and visuals that can help buyers make smart and informed decisions about buying a property.

Capabilities Desired in the applicant:

  • Ability to independently conduct online research and log it systematically in a re-usable format.
  • Have analytical skills and ability to interpret the vast amount of researched information.
  • Proficient with MS Office. Experience with Data Visualisation tool such as Tableau, QlikView or others is great to have.
  • Ability to produce statistical charts and high quality write-ups.
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